Expanding Spaces – Making a House a Home – Paint, electrics, new partition walls, new openings & trusses

Week Commencing 2nd February

Continuation of painting … from plaster to white walls … this is a lengthy process first coat was watered down then second coat was slightly watered down and final coat was as it is from the tin! Nice freshen up!

New electrics added to the new bedrooms and shower room. Wiring for lighting and sockets.

New side pathway created to replace the rough concrete pathway to the side access. Ow a nice clear pathway with slabs to create the footway. With plum slate to both sides distinguishing the pathway.

New utility constructed first was to build the wall units and hang them up to provide essential storage required. The base units will be fitted once the required pipework is in place.

We took delivery of the trusses. Which to us is massive progress since our roof was incorrectly installed. The trusses have been installed and the hip cut into existing roof. Which is really starting to take shape. Although we are a little concerned as to the weather we are supposed to have gale force winds … lefts hope that the new trusses. Hold the test of time!

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