Expanding Spaces – Making a House a Home – Paint, electrics, removal of walls, new openings, steels, roof tiled and walls OSB and fireboarded.

Week Commencing 10th February 2020

So to recap we now have the trusses and are ready for the roof to be battened and finished with the membrane ready for the tiles to be installed! The hip is being created and the feeling of positivity on site helps.

All the timber frame has to be lined with OSB and then finished on the wall closest to our neighbours with fire-board to ensure for a minimum of 30mins fire protection. This is to then be protected with a breather membrane and battens ready for the installation of the weatherboarding.

A section of Emilys bedroom wall has been removed to provide a large spacious landing! The new opening into the proposed first floor extension is ready to be accessed!

The lounge kitchen dining area has been painted white to give a completely fresh feeling to the area and allow the area to feel more spacious.

Side path has been slated along both sides and patio slabs laid to the walkway of the pathway.

All new steels box lintel type. We have been putting into position in the proposed extension above the windows the required lintel to get Building Regulation approval.

Trusses clips have been added.

Today we found out our original builder is back out conning other victims out of the hard earned money! So be vigilant he trades under several names!

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