Why Timber frame for construction …

It’s sustainable, economical, thermally efficient and can be constructed quickly. Build times can be reduced by as much as 30% for timber construction. An extension of the external walls can be built and watertight in as little as 5 days (through installation of a prefabricated external face). The finished build is better insulated and shouldContinue reading “Why Timber frame for construction …”

Why are foundations a vital part of any build…

The foundations are a very important part of any project as they transfer the weight of the proposed building to the ground. ‘Foundations’ is a word generally used to differentiate that part of a project. Every property has a unique set of foundations set out to the specific requirements of the site. All buildings areContinue reading “Why are foundations a vital part of any build…”


Anyone who would like to adapt there current home or look at buying a piece of land to create the perfect home then please do get in touch I will be happy to help. All applications will be worked on as quickly and efficiently as is feasibly possible by the council to bring your dreamContinue reading “COVID-19 GUIDELINES & ACHIEVING APPROVAL GOALS”

Expanding Spaces – Making A House a Home – External Rendering & Internal Doors

30th May 2020 So after a difficult few months we have moved in to what may be considered as better times … well for us this is the case as we have managed to get our trades back on site. Time to get the external walls rendered and close to finishing. Things have gone onContinue reading “Expanding Spaces – Making A House a Home – External Rendering & Internal Doors”

Expanding Spaces – Making a House a Home … Removal of Timber Battons and worktop to Utility Room

As lockdown has been relaxed if only a small part but this has allowed us to get a few bits completed that really needed doing this includes. A new worktop to the Utility Area which allows it to function as a room for washing and cleaning purposes. This is a mid range laminate worktop fromContinue reading “Expanding Spaces – Making a House a Home … Removal of Timber Battons and worktop to Utility Room”