SIP Introduction

SIP (structural insulation panel) panels have been widely used in the USA, Japan and Canada since the 1950’s, and are now a ‘traditional’ method of building homes in these regions.

There a number of manufacturers of SIPs wothin the UK spread sporadically. Over the years, they have been adapted and improved in there form of technology to meet the needs of the stringent UK market.

SIPs is an acronym for Structural Insulated Panel System. Joining high performance rigid polyurethane foam insulation to oriented strandboard (OSB) producing engineered building components. SIPs are becoming a preferred modern method of construction (MMC). The result is a building product that is predictable, resource efficient and cost effective. SIPs can be used as walls and roofs on all types of buildings.

Structural Insulated Panels or (SIPS) are an advanced structural timber construction method, offering superior insulation, structural strength and air-tightness when compared with traditional building methods. The composite panels are lightweight, quick to erect and do not suffer from compression shrinkage and cold bridging associated with stud walls.

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