Orangery, Leigh-on-Sea

A once Angled small alcove dark and unattractive room to the rear of the house.

Client Aspiration:

To create a useable light and airy single storey extension to create a modern dining space that linked to the garden.

Now a Modern Garden Room Addition to the Property with a roof lantern.




Why are foundations a vital part of any build…

The foundations are a very important part of any project as they transfer the weight of the proposed building to the ground.

‘Foundations’ is a word generally used to differentiate that part of a project. Every property has a unique set of foundations set out to the specific requirements of the site.

All buildings are required to have some kind of foundation to walls, piers or columns, so as to transfer the column loads directly to the ground.

They are used as a starting point in any project usually specified by a structural or foundation engineer so that they are the most suitable for your construction.

If extending you will be required to have exploratory work carried out to specify your existing foundations to ensure you do jot compromise your foundations for your existing house. But also to ensure that whats specified is suitable for the soil type.


Anyone who would like to adapt there current home or look at buying a piece of land to create the perfect home then please do get in touch I will be happy to help.

All applications will be worked on as quickly and efficiently as is feasibly possible by the council to bring your dream to an approval prior to construction.

We are working to adhere to the current guidelines so should you wish to discuss a current project in further detail please get in contact to discuss your options.

Validation of applications

Local planning authorities will be working online to satisfy planning applications to allow for the most beneficial response for all applications submitted. This is to support the latest social distancing guidelines. Each Authority will be making this clear on their websites. However, paper applications can still be submitted and validated. All applications are taking on average between 7 & 14 days to be validated.

NOTE: Priority will be given to the validation of any urgent COVID-19-related applications for planning permission and associated consents.

Determination timescales

The determination timescales for planning applications set out in the Development Management Procedure Order 2015 will remain the same so a standard Planning Application will take between 8 & 12 weeks for a determination date depending on the complexity of the project, although the timescales may not be met in all circumstances.

Publicity and consultation for planning applications

The local authorities have said from Thursday 14 May there was an introduction of temporary regulations to supplement the existing statutory publicity arrangements for planning applications, listed building consent applications and environmental statements for EIA development in response to the coronavirus.

Local planning authorities now have the flexibility to take other reasonable steps to publicise applications if they cannot discharge the specific requirements for site notices, neighbour notifications or newspaper publicity. These steps will notify people who are likely to have an interest in the application and indicate where further information about it can be viewed online. These steps can include the use of social media and other electronic communications and must be proportionate to the scale and nature of the proposed development.

Guidance to accompany these regulations has also been published to highlight what alternative publicity local planning authorities could undertake. In particular, if local newspapers are not circulating in their area, authorities should seek to use local online news portals in the first instance.

Virtual planning committees

The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 were made on Thursday 2 April 2020 and provide the power for local authorities to hold virtual meetings. These regulations apply to all local authority meetings up to 7 May 2021.

To ensure planning decisions continue to be made, local planning authorities should take advantage of these powers to hold virtual planning committees – rather than deferring committee dates. They should also consider using ‘urgency powers’ within their constitutions to give senior officers delegated authority to make decisions.

Local Authorities are working with the Planning Advisory Service to provide practical advice to local authorities through online guidance and web-based training on how to manage planning committees and continue decision-making during this time and their latest guidance can be found on the Planning Advisory Service website. As part of this work, the Planning Advisory Service will be engaging authorities to learn about their practical experience of virtual planning committees.

Where to go for additional information

GOV.UK provides a single point of government advice on COVID-19. The public services section contains advice from the Planning Inspectorate on casework and examination handling, and we will be adding to this as guidance is updated, so please check the page regularly. Best practice advice and links are also available on the Planning Advisory Service website.

Expanding Spaces – Making A House a Home – External Rendering & Internal Doors

30th May 2020

So after a difficult few months we have moved in to what may be considered as better times … well for us this is the case as we have managed to get our trades back on site. Time to get the external walls rendered and close to finishing. Things have gone on hold until we are able to get our steels installed. A guy came round to take measurements and take his own site survey to assess the situation and how best to achieve this.

We have also had our first internal door installed, this feels a luxury to have after many months without any.

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Expanding Spaces – Making a House a Home … Removal of Timber Battons and worktop to Utility Room

As lockdown has been relaxed if only a small part but this has allowed us to get a few bits completed that really needed doing this includes.

A new worktop to the Utility Area which allows it to function as a room for washing and cleaning purposes. This is a mid range laminate worktop from Wickes but works as a decent work surface.

All battons were removed from the front of the house to allow for the renderers to return to finish of the rendering.

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Expandng Spaces – Making a House a Home … External Works and Study

Week Commencing 28th April

Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, we have been unable to source the required materials and work force required to carry out the works that we require finishing so we have looked into sourcing the materials we can get hold of this being external materials so due to the amount of dirt in the garden coming in and out of our house we have decided to construct the decking with steps down to lower garden area once the existing garage is removed. The important of a garden more so when you are in Lockdown is a space for the children to get out and play and enjoy the weather without having to leave the house. Hence the importance of making this a safe ad happy space for everyone. it has also allowed us to bring the outside in by use of the bi-fold doors.

To construct the decking you require:

  • Timber/composite lengths for the joists, strings for the steps and noggings
  • Timber/composite lengths of decking board to suit
  • weed barrier to go on the base
  • shingle to go over the weed barrier
  • nails/screws
  • joist hangers

To finish the garden we were required to add additional fencing for which we have added a section to enable us to get our raised beds in the remainder will follow. Things are much tougher to get completed with just the 2 of you so take much longer than anticioated.

we constructed posts as if we were doing decking and laid the sleepers onto a brick/block dpc layer to protect the sleepers. They then connect into the posts as you would on the corners of the decking. Once completed we filled the beds with soil and compost and planted lots of vegetables to make our own little vegetable oatch.

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Expanding Spaces – Making a House a Home … Bedroom Room & Decking

Week Commencing 13th April

A week of progress Completion of the final bedroom to include the tape and joint to the plasterboard, intensive session of sanding down the walls to then be finished painted crisp white to all walls and one feature was as per all other bedrooms.

We also started work to enclose the steels that were sitting left to rust using two sheets of fireboard for fire protection, but also as preparation for the renderers to come and finish there works.

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Expanding Spaces – Making a House a Home … Finishing Touches, Tiling & Render.

Week Commencing 16th March

The week begins with lots of Talks of some crazy Lockdown meaning a halt to daily life. But I tried to finalise on the two bedrooms I had been working on.

Plus the floor tiling in our Utility Room, with the final positioning of the Washing Machine, Dishwasher and Tumble Dryer. Also to include the base and wall units.

This week we also started to have the external walls rendered.

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Expanding Spaces – Making a House a Home – Plaster boarding and Room Preparations

Week Commencing 02nd March & 09th March

This week we finished plasterboarding the first floor extension.

Firstly we constructed the partition wall to create two bedrooms and then we started to Tape and Joint the plasterboard in what was the master bedroom that has been split to make two equal size bedrooms. Prior to painting.

We also continued to tape and joint the plasterboard in the new master bedroom within the extension. Prior to painting. 

Towards the end of this week the three bedrooms were ready for painting each room painted white for crispness with one wall highlighted with a colour to work with the child’s colour scheme they have requested.

We also began to strip the wall paper from the landing to make way for painting.

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Expanding Spaces – Making a House a Home … Plasterboarding

Week Commencing 24th February 2020

This week we have gone to plasterboard the whole first floor extension including the walls and the ceiling.

We also had the installation of the windows to the first floor extension from Colne Valley Windows and doors.

We also started to created the storage cupboards in the utility. this is all battens out and the plasterboarded and shelving installed.

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