Expandng Spaces – Making a House a Home … External Works and Study

Week Commencing 28th April

Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, we have been unable to source the required materials and work force required to carry out the works that we require finishing so we have looked into sourcing the materials we can get hold of this being external materials so due to the amount of dirt in the garden coming in and out of our house we have decided to construct the decking with steps down to lower garden area once the existing garage is removed. The important of a garden more so when you are in Lockdown is a space for the children to get out and play and enjoy the weather without having to leave the house. Hence the importance of making this a safe ad happy space for everyone. it has also allowed us to bring the outside in by use of the bi-fold doors.

To construct the decking you require:

  • Timber/composite lengths for the joists, strings for the steps and noggings
  • Timber/composite lengths of decking board to suit
  • weed barrier to go on the base
  • shingle to go over the weed barrier
  • nails/screws
  • joist hangers

To finish the garden we were required to add additional fencing for which we have added a section to enable us to get our raised beds in the remainder will follow. Things are much tougher to get completed with just the 2 of you so take much longer than anticioated.

we constructed posts as if we were doing decking and laid the sleepers onto a brick/block dpc layer to protect the sleepers. They then connect into the posts as you would on the corners of the decking. Once completed we filled the beds with soil and compost and planted lots of vegetables to make our own little vegetable oatch.

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