Information required to write a Design Brief for your Project:

The starting point of any project is your brief, a description of clear instructions, requirements and functions required for your building, for us to assist with the preparation of your design brief we will need to know:

  1. Your aims, aspirations, and dreams, what you would like to achieve and what you dream of the finished Project
  2. Your budget (this is important to gauge a size and style relevant to the budget as there is no point in designing something you physically can not afford).
  3. What are your reasons for embarking on a building project: what and why is is important?
  4. Your design type/style: Would you like to design your proposed project in keeping with the existing building? Or are you after a modern or a contemporary or high-tech design that sticks out from the crowd? Are you concerned about having Green design for example energy efficiency?
  5. Your overall expectations: what are you hoping to achieve with this project – bringing the outside in, making a modern open plan living space, more space, more light, variety of uses, greater flexibility and versatile living accommodation.

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