Expanding Spaces – Making a House a Home – Internal knock through, existing Window Reduced & Construction of the Roof.

Day thirty eight to forty three – 16th-20th December (week eight)

The guys worked at First floor to finish the timber frame walls construction. The new windows are formed giving an idea of space.

The guys await materials for the roof trusses when the timber arrives they set to work  to create the pitch. But due to insufficient materials they had to set to work on the knock through inside between the new extension and the existing living room.

The knock through is created to make one room by the removal of one 1200mm window and a sliding patio door along with a section of existing external wall.

We were told that the tradesman would be onsite throughout the weekend to catch up with the work that was supposed to be finished before Christmas this was to ensure the ground floor was completely finished ready for us to have Christmas in our new home. Our builder Jeff Pillinger (Belgravia Building Services/Colourfence) made the decision to leave our property unfinished and said he would return on the 30th December.


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