Expanding Spaces – Making a House a Home – Windows & Doors / GRP Roof & Steelwork

Day twenty seven to thirty one – 2nd – 6th December (week six)

Colne Valley windows and doors came to install all windows and doors, they started by replacing all existing windows and doors, we had two No. composite front doors, one to the front and one to the side, we then replaced all existing windows including three bedroom windows, bathroom window and landing window both of which are opaque. We also had a Utility window our old kitchen window part of new window to be obscured as it will become the WC. They also created two new openings to the side elevation to allow more light to floor into our living space along with a window that will fit the new reduced size opening to allow light into our kitchen area. To the rear in the ‘New’ Single storey a new set of 4 door bi folds were installed to provide an in and outside space combined… its amazing what a transformation new windows and doors make to a property. What were white dated windows are now a nice anthracite grey finish. The service we received was very efficient.

We got I-Tec Flat Roofing a roofing company who came to install the hard wearing GRP roof finish to the single storey to ensure that it is completely water tight all the single storey requires is the glass to the bi folds. This is a nice easy maintained roofing material. The service we received was very efficient.

Whilst this was all happening outside Steve and Dave set to work inside to remove an existing steel from the living dining area and replace with a new steel that goes full width of the house. This steel has to replace an existing steel that isn’t long enough to span the full width of the house.

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