How will the pandemic effect you …

The current Covid19 pandemic has made the future pathways for those who were looking to extend or build a new home feel like a long way off than it perhaps felt like in January or even February.
However, the world may be in a position of uncertainty, but this doesn’t mean your project needs to be too.
There is no time like the present to be looking into the preparations of getting your ideas down on paper and getting approval which would then provide you with the stepping stone ready to start work when the lock down is eased further.
We may all be working from home, but maybe this has made you think about the importance of space within your property and how you could better utiliseit to work for you as a family making a house a home.
All Contractors are are open to price projects.
Councils planning departments are still open for business, the majority of these are also working from home.
We are committed to deliver our clients a quality and efficient architectural service.

We are able to assist our client in face to face meeting via software such as Zoom and Teams, to ensure all projects are managed efficiently and communication is of key priority during the pandemic when we are unable to actually have a face to face meeting with our clients and consultants, to ensure everyone stays safe.

So if your interested in progressing a project and would be interested in more ideas and inspiration please get in touch and we can arrange a meeting via an online meeting space for example Zoom, Facetime or Skype which ever suits you best.

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