Expanding Spaces – Making a House a Home – Beam & Block Floor

Day eleven – fifteen – 11th – 15th November (week Three)

Due to a water leak we had to move out as there was quite a bit of water damage and the electrics were not use-able so had to be switched off till it was fully resolved and dried out. This meant we had no heating which is not ideal in the winter.

Two guys turned up to install the beam and block floor to the rear extension. They had to remove sections from the rear brickwork to our house this to enable to overlap the new with existing. The new beam and block floor sits on top if the internal block work skin at roughly 150mm below dpc. This is the base for the insulation and screed.

At the same time dave and Steve continued to construct the brickwork and the block-work to DPC.

The Blockwork continues up-to soffit on the single storey which is roughly 2400mm from the highest part of the ground level in order to match the existing GL. This will be in preparation for the weather boarding to be applied.


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