Expanding Spaces – Making a House a Home – Foundations

Day Three & Four – 30th & 31st October

Building Regulation Requirement

The foundation construction comprises of:

minimum 450mm wide x minimum 1000mm deep concrete trench fill footings. To be agreed with Building Control. The cavity to be filled with Lean Mix to 225mm below DPC.

Three guys turned up with a digger to dig the foundations. These were dug to approx. 1250mm deep to be greater than our existing houses foundations at the request of building control.

Firstly they had to clear site from all the unnecessary clutter and existing steps and raised flower beds making a clear site for the foundations to be installed.

We hired a mini digger to allow the foundations to be dug at ease.

This hasn’t been an easy job mainly due to our house being on a hill, The work has had to be carried out in two stages as it is at two levels, the original patio sits approx. 600mm from the ground level of the existing driveway.

Trenches were first dug out of the patio section of ground followed by the existing driveway.



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