Expanding Spaces – Making a House a Home


Creating a package of information for submission for Planning Approval. This will incorporate all modifications we propose including the single storey rear extension / two storey side extension and internal alterations. Within this package it comprises of the following:

  1. full set of existing existing plans / existing elevations these are scaled drawings and show the current house in its current state prior to any works being completed both inside and outside – Plans and Elevations.
  2. Full set of proposed plans / proposed elevations these are scaled drawing that show the house in what is proposed. These will show any internal and external alterations that are planned to be completed – Plans and Elevations.
  3. A set of site and block plan showing the outline of the site in red on a Ordnance Survey drawing this shows both existing and proposed on separate drawings, so 2 No. existing plans and 2No. Proposed plans. This references all neighbouring properties/buildings.
  4. A DAS – this provides information about the design and how the scheme works with its setting and environment. It also picks up anything that may cause an issue. Say for instance we were going to change the way we access our property from the highway we would need to include where transport links are and how a new access would affect the local area. It reflects on what amenities it has near by and many other factors to help satisfy planning.
  5. Fill out a Planning Application Form to include all materials and colours you propose to use.
  6. Check out the local Design and Planning Policies to ensure that the works carried out meets the guidelines unless you can discuss your proposal with the planning officer.
  7. Once all the above has been completed the application was ready to submit for approval. We submitted January 2018 (generally an application should take no more than 8-10 working weeks for a decision. This is dependant on how many other departments are involved with an application for example if highways or listed properties have to be involved the process can take a little longer. Ours took the 8 weeks-for a decision)

Working with the planning department and receiving the decision …

The system exists to ensure that development is in the public interest, weighing up its economic, environmental and social benefits and drawbacks. It plays a key role in making sure the places where we live and work are attractive, vibrant and well designed.

Having worked with the planning department to ensure they and local residents are happy, they assessed all the pros and cons of the proposed works and whether it fits into the local environment. This helps to finalise any details required and helped to make the planning approval process run smoothly. 

At regular intervals i would check for information relevant to our application so i could pick up any concerns straight away. Having great communication and building relationships with your planner always helps to guide your decision.

Also sometimes it is required for you to be flexible with some minor amendments required should something become an issue that you planning officer makes you aware of. For example on this project there were concerns over the height of the ridge of the two storey extension so we had to reduce our ridge height by incorporating a dutch hip … we weren’t keen but it was that or no planning.

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