Expanding Spaces – Making a House a Home


Now we have approval the next stage is to look at construction package for which a package of information will be required for Building Control this is to ensure that all works are carried out to and comply with all current legislations and regulations. This is a detailed set of drawings that include all the relevant information and design details. This package comprises of:

  • Foundation Plans
  • Plans of proposed layout
  • Setting out plans
  • Dimensional Plans
  • Electrical and plumbing plans
  • Door and window schedule
  • Radiator schedule
  • Lighting schedule
  • Elevations
  • Sections showing heights and positions
  • Construction specification
  • Details
  • Structural calculations for foundations, timber frame, roof and steels required.


This was submitted May 2019 and works on the principles that at stages throughout construction they come to ensure the work is being carried out to meet all requirements of building control and will be approved upon completion on site.

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